Management Support

Making software is complex. New technologies and IT trends emerging constantly make managing application landscapes and development processes a tough task. The pain can be manifold:

  • Complaints about bugs. Customers that expect their software to “just work” put massive pressure on you.
  • Suffocating competition. Your competitors come out with new features faster than you can.
  • Development speed is slow. Your business department plans too many features, more than you can implement. Not even with external resources.
  • Stupid developers. You feel you should fire half of your developer workforce. They complain, are slow, and produce bugs.
  • Painful APIs. Whether you maintain an API, or you need to integrate third party systems, what looks simple first turns into a rude awakening.
  • You’re a dog in the manger. You have to tell your colleagues and customers what is not possible, more often than you want.

Here’s what we do about this: We help you to …

  • Move towards bug-free. Establish a requirements process with crystal clear specifications and development and maintenance processes that can deliver stable-guaranteed implementations. We make PM and development work together as one, and your customer join the team.
  • Improve development speed. Automate the right things, identify distractions, get the focus right. Fix long-lasting implementations. Make deadlines something you easily manage and never miss.
  • Establish a culture of learning from each other. Move faster through mutual support. Modern development processes speed up development for a reason, because the team gets better at everything. We make your team have two pairs of eyes on every line of code, and two brains work as one.
  • Get APIs right. Allow APIs to evolve over time without disruptive changes. Make them ready for change, design for change. APIs are important touch points, we help you take the needed care without sacrificing agility.
  • Identify alternative solutions. Two pairs of eyes see more than one. Two brains think more than just one. Sometimes it’s a matter of having a good discussion partner. We’re here to listen, discuss, and give the right answers. We’re strong with architectural decisions and identifying solutions that best fit ever-changing circumstances.

We have years of experience to detect pain early, and turn failure into success. We make software development a no-surprise business.

Painless, as painless as it gets.