Getting Things Done Must Be Easy™

Project management, the business of constant stress. Stress in PM is often seen as a good sign, a well-working business. Here are some typical symptoms and accepted “facts”:

  • Lack of transparency. There’s no single source of information. You work with briefings, emails, file shares, etc.
  • Stress and overtime. Permanent stress is “part of the business”. Critical moments (deadlines, releases, deployments) require extra attention and putting in extra hours.
  • No hard deadlines. Deadlines are missed regularly, completely or for parts of the agreed goals. Critical deadlines are postponed, time for implementation is extended.
  • Blame it on the client. You’re convinced change is not possible. “It’s their fault. They wouldn’t pay the additional effort we’d need.”
  • Administration instead of consulting. You feel features and processes are dictated by your client. “We can’t do anything about it. They want it like this.”
  • Renegotiations. Projects completed but over budget make you go into renegotiations, because someone needs to pay the additional effort.

Here’s what we do about this: We help you to …

  • Increase transparency. Establish a single source of information, with existing tools you have in house or choosing a tool that fits your needs.
  • Structure and discipline. We help you build what tools don’t teach you: Structure project data as a single source, embrace all project phases, incentivize team discipline, show the benefits of a better flow of information.
  • Have more control. Identify quick wins for automation and mid-term strategies for an integrated project workflow, optimized for agency projects or product development. Cover all stages of your software development life cycle in a fully integrated fashion.
  • Meet hard deadlines. Learn strategies to face deadlines without sacrificing your spare time. Make things work early, so your deadline is just shaking hands with your customer. Have a stress-free business and meet more goals than you do today.
  • Have happy clients, happy co-workers. Free your energy for doing consulting instead of negotiations. Mix the benefits of a distraction-free environment (“be focused”) and a culture of information exchange across team borders (“coffee chats”).

Every environment is different, yet still there are methods that have proven to be massively effective. One of them is GTD, which uses to-do lists to fill your business day with stress-free productivity. We find out which methods fit your business best.

We believe in creating a work environment that is not susceptible to distraction. We believe in occasional distractions being a good thing. If and only if it is easy to turn back to where you left off.

Painless, as painless as it gets.